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Food Processing Services

We can process many varieties of vegetables to dry by using solar parabolar dome.We can provide drying processing according to our International Standard of Certificate.We also processed sliced dried ginger,ginger powder,sliced dried tomatoes,sliced dried strawberry,sliced dried carrot,sliced dried bitter gourd and so on.Our company can grantee quality of products to our customers.

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Snacks Mandalay Company Limited

Vision and Value proposition

Value addition of agricultural raw materials, responsibly sourced from smallholders, with our modified Thai processing technology, leading to:

Manufacturing of safe and quality foods for domestic and international market as well as integrating smallholders into commercial supply chains.Eliminating aflatoxin from chili value chain, raising awareness about risks of improper drying and storage technology.

Quality is our first priority
Company main purpose is to use locally available raw materials and processes locally and export to international markets .


We Offer First Class Services

You’ve got covered by the professionals

Product Price

Pricing is based on international markets price, exchange rate, labor costs, transportation cost, and supply and demand from buyers.

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