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Snacks Mandalay Co., Ltd

Vision and Value proposition

Value addition of agricultural raw materials, responsibly sourced from smallholders, with our modified Thai processing technology, leading to:

  • Manufacturing of safe and quality foods for domestic and international market as well as integrating smallholders into commercial supply chains.
  • Eliminating aflatoxin from chili value chain, raising awareness about risks of improper drying and storage technology.


Snacks Mandalay Co., Ltd was established in August 2015. Dr. Pyae Phyo Aye and his father, Mr. Khin Mg Aye, are founders of company. Dr. Pyae Phyo Aye decided to build the company in 2015 for agriculture based snacks manufacturing and exporting after studying Master Degree in Food Science and Technology at Chulalongkorn University for 3 and half years. Company main purpose is to use locally available raw materials and processes locally and export to international markets thus could create stable market for local farmers. Before setting up Snacks Mandalay Company, founders’ background business is exporting sesame, peanuts and beans (mostly agricultural products) to China and Yangon. So, we have experience and good connection with farmers and suppliers. We have connection with suppliers, traders, processers, base infrastructure and local market access.

Now, we would like to produce value-added products for local and international markets. So, we can give good price for good raw materials to farmers this in turn increase their income and stabilize the market price in some extent. Also, we have connection with international buyers and partners, we can supply the good agricultural practices and technology to farmers for contract farming. We will supply the know-how to farmers for quality improvement and high grade raw materials. Pricing is based on international markets price, exchange rate, labor costs, transportation cost, and supply and demand from buyers. We are doing on projects: conventional and organic products for international markets. Our main products are dried and powder products of following:

1. Chili- Whole Dried, Flakes, Fine, Roasted Powder

2. Ginger – Fresh Whole, Sliced Dried, Powder

3. Turmeric – Dried Whole Finger, Sliced Dried, Powder & Tea Cut Size

4. Penny leaves – Dried

5. Moringha leaves - Dried and Powder

6. Tamarind – With and Without Seeds

Three Stars

Office : No.(355) 82 Street, 29 x 30 Street, Mandalay, Myanmar.

Tel : 09-400162288, 09-400162299

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